There are three basic ways to go into business for yourself — start from scratch, buy or inherit, or buy a franchise.

Starting a new business can be the least expensive way to begin.

As it has no history you have complete freedom. You can choose your business' name, its location, its equipment and its employees. If you are selling products, you have the option of starting with an all new inventory, unaffected by the purchasing decisions made by others.

It can be difficult to raise a money for a new business and the risk is high. Advertising expenses will be high as you have no established clientele. You have to develop marketing strategies. Cash flow will be unpredictable and most likely insufficient. 

How to Start a Business in the United States ?

Registering a company in USA

1. Ascertain the legal configuration of your business.

​2. Register your business / firm name.

​3. Acquire your federal tax ID.

4. Register with your state revenue agency.

5. Acquire licenses and permits.

Our consultants can help you create a business plan for your idea. That will help you set up a business in Unites States e.g If you are interested in opening up a hand crafted kitchen ware store in USA. 

​You can also buy a franchise from a company. Good franchise companies offer considerable support and assistance to franchisees. Most well known franchises have a good track record of success, which can be documented. A signed franchise agreement will be required, as well as proof of having paid the franchise fee, leased business premises, and purchased the necessary equipment for the business to start trading.

Start your own business in the United States of AMERICA.
You can start and set up your own business in the United States.

Get the same protections that all USA based businesses enjoy.