Basic Consultation Fee (Skype)  = $75 

Please Read FAQS before paying consulting fees, so that you may not pay for asking same questions.

Buy/Start up Business Services = $1500

For Start up following services will be provided; We help you Choose a Location, Get financing for your Business,

Determine the legal Structure of your Business, Register a Business Name with State Government, Register for State and

local taxes, Obtain Business Licenses and permits,Understand Employer Responsibilities. We will also assist your business

planer to write a perfect business plan for your business. (See below the fee of business plan writers.)

For buying a business following services will be provided. Up to 5 businesses with details. This also includes the appointments to visit business' location. It is recommended so you can see the business before making a final decision.If the investor is buying an existing business, a purchase contract must be signed and the purchase price funds are placed in an escrow account. The funds may be fully refundable in the event that the investor fails to obtain a visa. 

Getting Partner for your Business =  $250 

We understand that you may not have the required investment for the business you are interested in. 

Partner criteria for matching investors in a business is a minimum of $50,000 investment by each investor.

Do not apply for partnership unless you can arrange investment of $50,000. We will also assist your business planer to write a perfect business plan for your business. (See below the fee of business plan writers.)

We charge 6%-10% commission of the initial sale price of the business.

We will try our best to get you the best deal possible. We are tough negotiator. We get the best deal for you so you can save a lot of money.

Lawyer's Fee = $2500 - $5000

Business Plan Fee = $2500-$3000 (Please note when preparing a business plan even smallest investment require more attention and time) 

We can help you get 25%-30% of the Financing for your purchase of you business.

(Although you can get more than that but getting more financing is not favorable for getting an E2 visa.)

All Local and State fees are paid by the client. ​​​