It is a very well known fact that the more amount invested in a business the chances of its success are high.

There are many businesses for sale for way less value but the amount to be paid might be a lot for you.

There are several options available to business buyers who may not have enough money and want to set up their business as a partnership.

We have a service to help you find and match with other investors with same situation. If two or three investors get together you may end up buying a business which may worth more. 

USBIZ4U has a practice of matching Investors.

There are two types of investors that we deal with;

1. Silent/Passive Investors.

​Those who have money and are finding a good opportunity to invest and do not want to work. They are not involved in day to day management.

2. Active Investors.

They have money and they want to work. They play a major role in management.

Firstly, we take all the information from the investors and verify the information provided by each applicant.

We put together investors with same business interest. We interview them to get more knowledge and understanding before we introduce these investors as future partners. During this process we consult every applicant and we put up many questions to understand what partnership means to them. We provide them information and knowledge to remove any ambiguity. We make sure that we answer all the questions that applicant may have. This usually takes time so please understand we are not delaying any process. It is our commitment to every applicant that may have full understanding of the whole process.

Our system does not make you go through software. All information is processed by highly professional business experts. 

Every information is kept private and comply with US privacy laws.

Once we learn what the applicant is interested, we make profile of each prospective applicant. We know what type of business they are interested in, are they willing to work, number of hours they want to work, are they willing to take risk, are they willing to work with others etc. We exchange profile of respective investors. We arrange meetings for them through Skype. We make sure that the meetings gets productive and each party understands the other well and know their rights, obligations, benefits and risk factors involved in business/trade partnership. You must hire a US lawyer for which USBIZ4U will assist you. This lawyer will make a partnership agreement. 

Once this process is complete, we will charge $1200 to each party. USBIZ4U will provide you the business that you are interested in. We will provide full information regarding that business. Unlike other brokers we charge no fee to seller but the buyer. Because it is buyer for whom we are working and negotiating.

To Register with USBIZ4U fill this Partnership Form.

Below you can read general information regarding partnership.

A general partnership is a business owned and operated by two or more persons. Partners can contribute capital, specialized knowledge, marketing or management skills and other valuable help. They also share the risk.

Generally, partners share equally in the rights and responsibilities of managing the business, and by law each partner is responsible for all the debts and obligations of the firm. This means you are personally liable for the full amount of the partnership’s debts — even if the debts exceed your investment and you did not personally consent to the debts.

Partnerships are easy to start, but they can run into trouble if the day-to-day stress of running a small business leads to friction between the partners.

A written partnership agreement, which should be drawn up by a lawyer, is your best protection.

In it you can spell out such issues as the capital 5 contributions of each partner, duties and responsibilities of each partner, changes in partnership structure, dispute resolution methods and financial management.

The partnership itself is not taxable. Instead, you report the firm’s income and expenses on federal and state “information” tax returns and you are taxed on your share of the profits or loses at your individual income tax rate. The deduction of losses from your personal income tax statement could be a tax advantage.

John D. Rockefeller said

"A friendship founded on business is a good deal better than a business founded on friendship."