Stage One:

1. Fill the Evaluation form

Our evaluation is not automated. Our experts go through each application. A consultant gets in touch with you. It helps us understand your ideas and goals. We learn about your business of interest. It also helps you understand the whole process. Our goal is just not to get u a business but a successful one. We will guide you through all the phases.

2. Start up/Buying Business Services
We help you Choose a Location, Get financing for your Business, 
Determine the legal Structure of your Busin.ess, Register a Business Name with State Government, Register for State and
local taxes, Obtain Business Licenses and permits,Understand Employer Responsibilities. We will also assist your business
planer to write a perfect business plan for your business. (See below the fee of business plan writers.)
Up to 5 businesses with details. This also includes the appointments to visit business' location. The purchase price funds are placed in an escrow account. The funds may be fully refundable in the event that the investor fails to obtain a visa. We can help you get 25%-30% of the Financing for your Business.
Although you can get more than that but getting more financing is not favorable for getting an E-2 visa. All Local and State fees are paid by the client. ​

​3. Getting Partner for your Business

​We understand that you may not have the required investment for the business you are interested in. We can help you find a partner for the business you are interested in. If two or three investors get together you may end up buying a business which may worth more. You

​Hiring a Lawyer; You will have to hire a lawyer. The lawyer will make a partnership agreement between you and your partner buyer/investor. He will also set up an escrow account agreement. You have to put investment money in escrow account which is subject to visa approval.

Stage Two:
1. Complete all Documents
Your lawyer and USBIZ4U along with the business planer must complete all documents before filing visa application. The final application will be processed by the local US Consulate. They might ask for more documents (We will save you from this extra mile).You will have preparatory interview similar to interview at the Consulate where the questions will range from your product to your plans for staffing and financials. Be prepared, it’s like pitching.
Preparation of Documentation includes:
Organization of business (if required)
Business Plan preparation or adaptation for visa purposes
Five year business plan of U.S. company including financial projections and budgeting.
Preparation of supporting documentation
Incorporation documents of U.S. company.
Time required depends on availability and delivery of documents and overall level of involvement of client.

Bringing an Employees for the business

​You or your business with E2 status can bring employees by meeting the following criteria,

​The first of all the employee must hold the same nationality as the E2 visa holder employer.

E-2 Employee – Supervisory/Managerial/Executive
An E-2 applicant employee to work as a manager, executive or supervisor must establish that he/she is primarily performing executive or supervisory tasks and has a high degree of responsibility within the organization, as well as control over the entire company or over key functions of the company. Applicants demonstrate this control and responsibility in the E-2 company by submitting organizational charts showing the company structure, a job description that illustrates the duties that will be performed, in a resume that shows the applicant has the requisite expertise and a letter from the E-2 company, describing the business, job and employee qualifications. The job title and salary are good indicators of whether the position will be classified as a supervisory/executive position.
​ For example a manager or executive like vice president with special expertise must be paid above a general employee's pay.

E-2 – Specialized/Essential
This is the most frequently asked question.

An applicant who is  seeking E-2 classification as an essential employee must demonstrate specialized and unique knowledge or skills that are essential to the success of the E-2 business based on the business plan. The applicant must be able to prove that their skills are specialized and that they have unique expertise that is necessary for this specific E-2 business as it described in business plan. Other factors to consider are the salary offered for the position, the amount of experience or training that is required to gain the expertise, whether U.S. workers would be likely to have the skills or expertise and how long the business will need the employee for. It is easy for many businesses to show the need for essential employee for short term, however for a long term you must explain in your business plan that the employee's presence in USA is essential for the business and can not be replaced with US employee.This need many documents from the local chamber of commerce and or state or federal labor department.

2.  Escrow Account.

Buyer must prove that funds are "irrevocably committed" is crucial. To satisfy this condition an investor must show that he is in process of buying a business. If an investor agrees to buy a business he or she will make an agreement with the seller. According the agreement the whole purchase price is placed in an escrow account which might be subjected to the approval of investor's visa. Obviously if you are denied for E2 visa, money from the escrow account is refunded. But in process of doing so you might loose the fee of lawyer and the broker. 

An buyer can obtain an E-2 visa through the creation of a new business. 
In the case of a start-up business, an investor must spend all the funds necessary to start the business, and provide proof of payment and the source of funds to pay for each expenditure, such as receipts, etc. He must prove that the major portion of the investment is already invested in the business. Depending on the type of business, an investor may need to demonstrate that a considerable amount has been invested - whatever is necessary to start that type of business. This puts his money at risk. 

The government is interested in three things: Jobs, Investments and Taxes. This is commonly satisfied by showing that the company expects to hire US employee.

3. Preparation and filing of visa application.
(Time requirements are approximately 15 days from the day all documentation is ready)

4. Interview 

Attend Your Visa Interview. During your visa interview, a consular officer will determine whether you are qualified to receive a visa, and if so, which visa category is appropriate based on your purpose of travel. You will need to establish that you meet the requirements under U.S. law to receive the category of visa for which you are applying. As you are applying for E-1/E-2 Visa, questions will be regarding your business of interest. Most of them may be asked from your business plan.

Ink-free, digital fingerprint scans will be taken as part of your application process. They are usually taken during your interview, but this varies based on location.

5. The U.S. Immigration Service approval of visa application or receipt of notice requesting additional documentation or evidence to support application.
In the latter case, we will work with the client to provide the additional information to the U.S. Immigration Service and we will prepare a response with the appropriate analysis and legal argument. This last scenario would increase the amount of time required to complete the process and may also increase the legal fees due, depending on the amount of additional work required.
(Adjudication of visa is approximately 120 to 150 days from filing of application with the U.S. Immigration Service, depending on the center’s caseload)

Stage Three

Visa is approved. Get ready to come to United States. 

1. Commission will be charged.

Depending upon the business 6-10% commission is charged of the initial sale price of the business.

If you are renting a space one month's rent is taken as commission. 
We will try our best to get you the best deal possible. We are tough negotiator. We get the best deal for you so you can save a lot of money.